Outcorps Rucking

A Rucking backpack for workouts with weight plates. A quick and highly effective cardio and weightlifting workout, take the gym with you anywhere.

How to Start Rucking

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Unleash the Power of Rucking

Hammer 1.0 is Here

Built by ruckers for ruckers. Transform any walk into an intensified workout.

Crafted for your convenience, the Hammer 1.0 comes with dedicated weight plate compartments strategically positioned to evenly distribute weight and maximize comfort and an Outer Pocket with Zipper.

  • Super charged
    with high performance

    From a quick sliding chest strap a water hose holder we have
    included all needed for rucking.

    Also you have a shoulder water hose holder for the Outcorps water bladder.
    Shoulder pullers to discharge your shoulder when you are tired,
    a separate weight compartment.

    While we don't encourage it we have tested the weight capacity to over 80 lbs.
    So we are sure anyone can find a demanding workout. We recommend
    you to stay in the 10-30 lbs range from beginner to more advanced.
  • Comfortable and
    designed for
    ergonomic adjustment.

    Mesh ventilated back panel with thick padding to ensure your
    back doesn't suffer.

    The Hip belt is also fully reinforced to make rucking demanding
    but easy on your joints!
  • Extremely Durable &
    With Premium Materials

    Each zipper has been waterproofed and has an individual puller cord
    for ease of opening and closing.

    We have also included a reflective triangle in the back that will glow
    in darkness to help you be seen in low light conditions by vehicles.